spice up sex for married couples

5 tips to spice up sex for married couples

However happy you are in your married life, naturally, your sex life takes a back seat after a few years of your marriage. The excitement is always higher when a new relationship starts, as two people get to know each other for the first time and they are exploring each other. But as a relationship […]

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habits that can ruin your sex life

Habits that can ruin your sex life

Everyone has many quirks and habits which are unconsciously imbibed. We are often not aware of them unless it is pointed out by others. But sometimes, these habits can become reason behind failed relationship and even dissatisfactory sex life. The last thing you want is being embarrassed in front of your partner for some unconscious […]

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sex positions that hits g-spot every time

5 Sex positions that hits the g-spot every time

Making a woman orgasm is tricky, especially through sexual intercourse. The experience of orgasm and sex is unique to every woman and so is their triggering factors. But almost every woman agrees there is a certain spot internally which when stimulates help them achieve an orgasm every time. This is the g-spot and one of […]

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signs a man might not be good in sex

5 Signs A Man Might Not Be Good in Sex

Sex and sexuality are integral to one’s life; it is beyond the biological concept of mere reproduction. It assures intimacy and has a significant role in contributing to one’s health. An active sex life ensures a strong hormonal system and is considered a light exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, this topic is often […]

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