Hollywood actors who went viral

Top 6 Hollywood actors who went viral for their leaked videos and photos


Hey gossip mongers, here for more tea? Well, we’re going to spill it right out for you today as we talk about 6 of the most famous Hollywood actors who went viral for the wrong reasons. Yes, you heard it right. Leaked videos and photos of celebrities are no new thing in ‘Holly town’ so let’, see talk about some of those juicy scandals.

  • Vanessa Hudgens

Everyone knows the cute and charming Vanesa Hudgens from the Super hit Musical Drama High School Musical. In 2007, she was traumatised after her personal pictures were published on an open site. She shared later with the Cosmopolitan, UK, that it was a very disheartening moment for her and felt that she lost her grip on privacy. Furthermore, she also sweetly apologized to her fans and thanked them for believing in her. What a brave little cutie!

  • Bella Thorne

We are super proud of Bella Thorne for what she did back in June 2019. Bella was being harassed by a man online who had hacked her account and was threatening her for nude leaks. For 24 hours she was traumatised and scared, not knowing what to do and spent her time crying. But the, just like the warrior princess she is, she decided to take matters in her own hands. She posted the pictures herself! She admitted feeling relieved after this femme fatale power move and threatened the hacker that the FBI would soon be at his doorstep. Way to go, girl!

  • Willow Shields

Willow had an experience similar to Bella, where she shared her own nudes on Instagram in 2023 as she was being blackmailed by a hacker to post them. In interviews, she spoke at length about revenge porn and taking back the control from spineless blackmailers. Such a great lesson for girls all over the world. We truly appreciate this act by these brave queens.


  • Justin Bieber

Remember that time when Justin and Selena Gomez were a thing? Yeah, we miss it too. Well anyway, back then in 2017, Selena’s Instagram was supposedly hacked and the world got to see a nude picture of her then ex-boyfriend Justin on it. Everyone feared of the consequent tiff that was about to happen as Justin would accuse Selena. However, all he admitted was that he felt really violated and felt uncomfortable stepping out of his house. Well, we guess, that’s a good lesson to not leave your pics with your ex once you break up. Nevertheless, quite an embarrassing incident it was for poor Justin.

  • Chris Evans

Among other Hollywood actors who went viral was Chris Evans. Yes, you read that right. Captain America also wasn’t spared from this scandal, and we are absolutely not complaining. In fact, quite a treat to the eyes that was. In the September of 2020, his nude picture was uploaded on Instagram by none other than himself! It was, of course, and accidental affair and Chris took it entirely in his stride. After he realized his folly, he took to Twitter to tweet, “Now that I have your attention…”, and gave it a humorous turn. He also later on admitted to being absolutely embarrassed by that incident and claimed that a ‘few lessons were learnt’ that weekend. Good for him, I guess.

Celebs or not, having your private pictures or moments leaked is never a good memory. Having said that, we take things with a pinch of salt and for all its worth, they did get a tiny bit of spotlight owing to those pictures. Hey, no judgements, we’re just here to admire!