everything to know about STD

Everything to know about STD and how to avoid it

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) or Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) as the names suggests, transfer through sexual contact. Pathogens causing such diseases can transmit through contaminated blood, semen, vaginal fluid or any kind of body fluids. These can also get transmitted non-sexually as well during pregnancy, child-birth, blood transfusions, and even shared needles. There are many […]

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know if a woman is faking her orgasm

How to know if a woman is faking her orgasm?

The climax point of a sexual encounter characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings is what science defines as orgasm. The muscles in the genitals undergo contraction in a female for a few minutes during orgasm. This is the phase when the pulse rate and heart rate are elevated, and breathing may become heavy. One of the […]

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birth control techniques

Different birth control Techniques

Don’t let the thought of getting pregnant be a barrier between the love you and your partner share. Birth control is an integral part of every couple’s conjugal life. Being a responsible individual it is only natural that you will consider using the best birth control techniques to ensure safety for you and your partner. […]

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habits that can ruin your sex life

Habits that can ruin your sex life

Everyone has many quirks and habits which are unconsciously imbibed. We are often not aware of them unless it is pointed out by others. But sometimes, these habits can become reason behind failed relationship and even dissatisfactory sex life. The last thing you want is being embarrassed in front of your partner for some unconscious […]

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