signs you are desperate for sex

10 Signs you are desperate for sex

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Once you know the pleasures of sex, it is hard to go without it for a long time. Even for someone alien to the feelings, hormones can rage, making you desperate at times. But how do you understand your situation is getting close to desperation? Here are ten signs you are desperate for sex:

You are slacking on personal and social relations

If you are sex-starved for a while now, it will soon start affecting your social skills. You would not find it easy to start a conversation or mingle with others without thinking about sex. Or else, inevitably you will find yourself turning the conversations towards something sexual.

Time or Place don’t bother you anymore

Often if the sex is not good enough or you are just desperate for sex, losing track of time and place is normal. You will soon notice, time, situation or place of the act no longer seem to bother you. You get ready to have sex anywhere as long as you have a partner.

You get borderline inconsiderate of the other person

The most obvious signs you are a despo is perhaps inconsideration of your partner’s feelings. In such a situation, you will not be ready to go through the courting phase and only look forward to the physical part. As a result, your behavior becomes desperate and even inconsiderate towards the partner’s emotional needs and feels.

You are ready to date people you don’t like

Imagine you rejected a guy or a girl at one point but suddenly they seem to be a great option for dating? That is one of the tell-tale despo signs that you are getting desperate. Often when you are going crazy to get laid, you end up compromising on your principles, likes and dislikes. As a result, you choose anyone you come across even if you never truly liked them.

You feel lonely and sad all day

Sex is a pleasurable act because of the hormones involved. It gives you endorphin rush that makes you feel happy and loved. Without having sex for a long time, you would start feeling tired, lonely and sad all day for no apparent reason.

Getting agitated and picking fights become second nature

Feeling feel irritated and aggressive all day are obvious signs you are desperate for sex. If you are not getting enough sex for a while, that is the likely reason behind the agitation. Minor things are likely to annoy you and you will tend to always start a fight out of frustration.

Lacking confidence and ignoring self-grooming

You will start taking care of yourself once you stop getting enough sex. As you get desperate, unconsciously you will stop trying to be presentable. Not only that, you will not feel confident in social settings or in professional life, wherever human interactions are involved.

You start contacting ex-partners

Once your sexual desperation reaches extreme heights, you are likely to start getting emotional and even start contacting your ex-partners. Even the partners who were hands-down toxic will start looking attractive when you get sex-starved.

You cannot have enough of masturbation

One obvious sign that you are desperate for sex is when you spent a lot of time masturbating and ignoring your daily tasks. Moreover, you are likely to spent a lot on sex toys to get the ultimate pleasure comparable to sex.

You start getting addicted to porn

Last but not the least, you get addicted to porn. You are likely spent all your free time and even lose productive hours watching porn.

In short, desperation for sex is normal and once you start witnessing these signs, it is time to do something about it. Be it dating or rekindling with an old flame or taking help of sex toys, sex is essential part of your life to stay happy and healthy.