sex positions that hits g-spot every time

5 Sex positions that hits the g-spot every time


Making a woman orgasm is tricky, especially through sexual intercourse. The experience of orgasm and sex is unique to every woman and so is their triggering factors. But almost every woman agrees there is a certain spot internally which when stimulates help them achieve an orgasm every time. This is the g-spot and one of the most mysterious parts of the female sexual organs. But how do you stimulate the g-spot? There are certain sexual positions which will help to reach the g-spot easily. Read on to find out more about sex positions that hits g-spot every time so that your partner is always satisfied and looking forward for more.

Woman on top

This is one of the simplest, sexiest and effective sex positions that hits g-spot every time. The woman squats on the penis from the top while straddling the man. The woman is the penetrating partner and has more control on the position and angle of the penetration. Hence, she can adjust the position best so that the g-spot gets stimulated. Moreover, it allows deeper penetration too. The woman can enjoy riding the partner and at the same time ensure she is aroused enough.

Sex spooning

If you are wondering, how to hit g-spot every time, sex spooning is the best solution. This is exactly as it sounds. The male partner is the big-spoon while the woman is the small-spoon. He cuddles her from one side while penetrating the vagina from behind. The position allows deep and hands-free penetration and also hit the inner front wall of the vagina, where the g-spot is. Moreover, the clitoral access is also easier in this position. You can easily masturbate or stimulate the clitoris with a vibrator which will make it easier to attain the orgasm.

G-wiz position

This is a variation of the missionary position. The female partner lies on her back with her legs raised and supported on the shoulders of the male partner. The position makes the vagina tighter and hence when penetrated, the stimulation is better. It also helps to hit the g-spot better due to the limited girth. The position can be tweaked in many ways and gives both the partners ample freedom of movement. For example, this position can be tweaked for even deeper penetration. Simply the woman pulls the legs closer to her chest as much as she can, thus elevating her vagina and hips in the air. The man can vertically penetrate with his entire length, ensuring the g-spot is hit every time.

Rocking horse

In this position, the one who penetrates will lean back and sit cross-legged. You can use a wall for support or simply put the weight backwards on your hand. The partner will be on their lap, leaning forward and hugging them with their thigh. The woman will slowly lower themselves on the penis and take control of the rhythmic movement. The access to the clitoris is easy in this position and both partners can move freely to adjust their position better. The role of g-spot in sex is immense and hence a position to stimulate it is a must to elevate the sex game.

Doggy style

It is another simple but effective position to penetrate and hit the g-spot. The woman will be on all-fours and the man will be penetrating from behind. It allows deeper penetration and better control on the speed. Moreover, the woman can also control the rhythm of the movement. Both partners can move in sync and as a result, the penetration is harder and deeper than ever.

All these positions are easy even for beginners but almost always help to reach orgasm through intercourse for the woman. The intense pleasure it offers is why g-spot touch is important. If you can play around with the positions and find the perfect one for both of you, your sexual pleasures are bound to get heightened.