habits that can ruin your sex life

Habits that can ruin your sex life

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Everyone has many quirks and habits which are unconsciously imbibed. We are often not aware of them unless it is pointed out by others. But sometimes, these habits can become reason behind failed relationship and even dissatisfactory sex life. The last thing you want is being embarrassed in front of your partner for some unconscious habit. From biting your nails to snoring- there are many things which can make the sex life less pleasant for you and your partner. Here we have listed habits that can ruin your sex life along with solutions to help you get over such habits and make sure your sex life never gets compromised again.

Seeking validation

This is especially common in men. Basically, it is the tendency to seek validation from woman every now and then between the act about whether you are doing things correctly. A healthy conversation about your sex life and asking for feedbacks can always improve it. But there is a time and place for that. You need to strike that balance between polite query and constant questioning for validation. It is an immense turn off for the woman, so avoid bad sex by leaving behind your obnoxious habit..

Not taking a bath

This is one of the worst habits that can ruin your sex life. This is the most insensible and unhygienic thing you can do to your partner. Especially if you tend to skip bath for 2-3 days in a row that might make it hard for you to find a partner at all. Even if you do and do not bother cleaning up at least before sex, forget about having a second chance with the person. Being smelly, sweaty or plain unhygienic is a turn off for both men and women.

Talking about future right after sex

It is a common issue with women and can be a turn off for every man. The worst thing you can do is start asking about the future or where the relationship is going when you are having sex, these conversations are intense and quite serious. They are not exactly the best topic to breach in the bedroom when you guys are in a happy and light hearted mood. Moreover, you may never know about what response you will be getting. If you are not on the same boat with your partner, it is going to be what makes the sex life miserable.

Cleaning the dick while sucking

Many women have an aversion to giving a blowjob. They have an aversion worrying about the taste, hygiene and smell. Some women find a middle ground by giving a blowjob while constantly cleaning the precum off the tip. That is a rather irritating practice to the guy who gets frustrated eventually. Moreover, the tissue or napkin feels alien on the penis and not the best feeling in the world.

Rolling away and sleeping off

Right after sex, if you tend to roll away from your partner and fall asleep within a few seconds- you are definitely ruining your chances to enjoy a fabulous relationship. This is a tendency among men primarily and it is frowned upon by every woman. At least spare a few minutes to cuddle and converse before you pull away. That is the best way to make the entire sexual act enjoyable.

Talking about ex

There is nothing worse than starting to talk about ex-partners while you have sex. It is immensely disrespectful to your present partner and make them feel unwanted or taken for granted. That is the last thing you want to make your partner feel if you want the relationship to work out.

If you are taking care of preventing these habits getting the better of you, making a sexual relationship work in your favor will surely get easier.