spice up sex for married couples

5 tips to spice up sex for married couples

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However happy you are in your married life, naturally, your sex life takes a back seat after a few years of your marriage. The excitement is always higher when a new relationship starts, as two people get to know each other for the first time and they are exploring each other. But as a relationship ages in marriage, it gets more monotonous.  Putting up with the pressure of working, doing house chores, and taking care of the kids a couple often loses spending some quality time with each other. The ingredients of your daily life remain the same but it is important to present these ingredients in different forms. Just like that, it is crucial to spice up sex for married couples so that they can feel the old spark often in their daily life. In this article, we will discuss five methods to bring back the old romance between a married couple.

Make out like you use to do in your teenage days

In the initial days of a relationship, couples are all over each other. They can’t help but make out in every and any place they found suitable. Late night phone calls, movie dates, candle night dinner, and what not to impress the girl. But after some time this loving behavior takes a side role in life as you get more engaged with sustainability and daily lifestyle. But don’t let these reasons kill your romance with your partner. Keep the old flame alive by doing the same things you use to do in your teenage days. Kiss often Hug tight and enjoy little things in life.

Try something new to spice up your relationship

To spice up sex for married couples is important to keep the spark alive in a relationship. Spice up the old vanilla sex with a little more variation. You may try different positions and use new sex toys so that you don’t feel tedious with the same old vanilla sex. Dress up and try role play with sex toys and surprise your partner with new moves. This act will keep the glimmer going on in your life for a long time.

Plan romantic gateways

Just take a break from your daily life. Being a parent you have to raise your child and it is a full-day job. But if you want to keep your relationship alive in a long run it is important to spend some time away from all the daily hassle. Just plan a short trip on the weekend and this is one of the most effective sex tips for married couples. After you spend your time as a couple in solitude you will rediscover your initial days as a couple. Also, make love amidst nature in a beautiful location and spend some quality time with each other, forget about your responsibilities and enjoy to the fullest.

Discuss your fantasies

Fantasies are a manifestation of your desire. It is an indication of what you may desire from your partner. It is important to share these thoughts. You may also try some of the things you fantasize about. If you feel shy then try to start with a normal conversation and shift gradually to this topic. You may want to set the mood by playing some romantic songs, candles, and good food. Once you are at ease start this topic and be more open to each other.

Watch some arousing visuals

Another kinky sex tip for married couples is to watch some sex videos together. These visuals can also be therapeutic for your sex life. This will shoot up your desires and will create more intimate moments with your partner.

If you are married for a long time you will see the old spark get dormant in the flow of daily life. Just try to be more attentive to each other and put a little effort as you use to do in the initial days of your relationship.