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Signs that tell you she wants to have sex

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You are dating a woman for a while but yet to consummate the relationship. The most common dilemma is whether she is ready for it or if she wants to. For men, understanding a woman’s interest and consent gets tricky at times. But there are subtle body languages and behaviors which you can decipher. Women appreciate this ability of men too as they do not have to spell everything out for the guy. There are many simple and effective tricks to determine whether she wants to have sex. Read on to find out all about them.

She uses every opportunity to touch you

A woman who is looking forward to taking the relationship to the next level would often get more physical. This means, she is likely to touch you casually and frequently whenever she has the chance. It can be a light touch on your forearms or your shoulders. It can be slumping forward with laughter and casually touching your chest for support. If she is doing these things frequently at every opportunity, she is most probably very attracted and ready for more sexual intimacy.

She invites you over to empty house

Usually, women are reserved about inviting their date to an empty house if they have no intention to get sexual. So, if your partner is inviting you over now and then and hinting that the house will be empty, she wants to have sex. The scenario can be the other way too. If the woman is thinking about sex, she may drop occasional hints of meeting at your home or somewhere more private. She may also imply about late night or stay-over dates. All these implications are evident that your partner wants to get laid.

There are awkward silent moments

Have you ever experienced awkward silent stretches? Often you would go through moments where both of you have nothing to say but she is looking at you expectantly. It can be anything from a shy smile or quickly peaking at your lips. This is a sign you will need time to learn and decipher. But once you know how to do so, it is worth the time and effort as you can understand any woman and her desires.

Plays footsie

Is she occasionally making bold moves in a public place? Is she trying to play footsie under the table while giving you a challenging smile? These are some obvious tricks women have when they wish to sent out the message that they want the sex. The footsie or occasional teasing at public places are ways to provoke you and hint at sex. It is wise to seduce a woman at this point to see how she reacts to them.

Bites her lips

If you are wondering how to know she wants sex, observe her lips. Biting the lips is a sign of nervousness but it is also a sign of provocation when the woman does it deliberately. Usually if a woman is hinting at sex, they would make sexual innuendoes accompanied by lip biting or smacking or other subtle physical gestures.

Makes sexual jokes occasionally and flirts

If suddenly the woman you date starts making flirtatious moves or sexual jokes even though it was not the case so long, it can be a hint for sex. However, you need to recognize the signs. It is a hint for sex only when these jokes start suddenly and was not a part of the usual daily conversation so far.

Asks for it directly

Some women, though rare, ask directly about the sex. It is not even a hint you need to read between the lines and often the most straightforward beginning of an awesome sexual life.