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5 tips to seduce your ex again

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Ex-partners are common for every person. We all have at least one ex-partner before we settle down with someone. Often there is one or two such partners who remain a fond memory- an unfinished business. They are those persons you may have left in your past but would still get back to for one last time. But how can you when they have moved on? Getting back with an ex-flame is not as impossible as you think- especially if they still have a soft spot for you. Especially if you are just looking for sex, getting them back is quite easy. Here are some tried and tested tips to seduce your ex and get back with them.

Meet in person

If you have already reconnected with the ex, get to meet them in person. Nothing can be more advantageous than meeting them face to face. It will not only help you understand their motives but also make the most of the moment. Give them a glimpse of the best of you. This is only possible when you meet face to face and can create real moments. Make plans in a venue that both of you cherished when you are together. Take note of small details like the outfits they loved on you and their favorite food. All these will help to rebuilt the connection stronger than ever.

Slowly bring up old memories

Once both of you have eased into conversation, you can subtly bring up and hint about old memories. Talking about memories of love making will definitely get them flustered in a good way, if they like you still. Talk about the things you loved about their body and those memory in particular. Be sincere and genuine about the compliments you share. As you talk about the old memories, slowly feed in picturesque detail of things you would have done if you were still together. The key is to provoke their imagination and make them want the things you describe. Check out fangfans to watch some hot stuff together for fun.

Invite them for a dance

This is a tip to seduce your ex if you are meeting at a suitable place like a disco or a night club or even a college reunion. If there is an opportunity to hit the dancefloor, make the most of by inviting them for the dance. Dancing is a physical act and involves touching and feeling each other. The proximity and subtle touches of the bodies are perfect ways to instigate sex with your ex. They are likely to remember the old times as both of you stand close and even want it if you are subtle about what you want.

Impromptu kiss

This is another bold and risky move but can pay off with some skill and a lot of luck. The key is to understand and interpret their body language before you kiss them. Also take into account the place and the situation. Create a moment that reminds them of the old times. When it is your ex-partner, asking for their permission is a wise idea. But if you correctly judge the moment and understand their inclination, nothing is better than an impromptu kiss.

Dress well and hygiene

Last but not the least, to get noticed by your ex, you must have a good first impression. Dress well, groom yourself and maintain absolute hygiene. Use your best perfume and dress impeccably that will help you grab their attention better.

Sex with an ex is quite complicated but not unattainable. If you really want this, the key is to stay composed and make an impression that is worth their time.