kink up your sex life

Different types of sex toys to kink up your sex life

Love and Sex

Sex is the most pleasurable act you can enjoy but even that gets boring after a while. If you are not creative or giving efforts to spice up the act, eventually both of you can start feeling disinterested. From trying out different positions to using various toys and props- there are many things you can do to keep up the fire in your sex life. The best solution that requires minimal effort is using sex toys. We have listed some of the readily available sex toys to kink up your sex life and the different ways of using them. Read on to find out some interesting and inspirational ideas to enjoy the optimum pleasure.


This is the most common and classic sex toy that any woman can own. Dildos are replicas of penis and made from silicone and even fiber glass. They come in varied sizes and even with many mechanisms. They can be vibrating or have ridges and dots all over to heighten the pleasure. It is perfect to use alone or even during sex with your partner. It is normal for the guy to get tired but with a dildo that problem gets eliminated forever. Moreover, with a dildo you can experience the pleasure of double-penetration without inviting another guy to your bed.


Vibrators come in all shapes, designs and sizes. They can even be a dildo with vibration. These toys have a vibrating mechanism which can stimulate the clitoris or the penis quickly and more intensely. For men, there are vibrating penis rings which mimic feel of a hand-job or a blowjob. Moreover, vibrators are ideal to kink up your sex life even when you are in public. There are small and discreet designs which can be inserted in the panty of your lady love. Keep the remote to yourself and have some fun pleasuring her wherever you want.

Pussy torch

These are toys designed for men. It is shaped like a torch and the interior is made of silicone. It mimics the exterior and the interior of the female genitalia. You can simply apply lubes inside the torch and start using it for masturbation. Especially when your partner is on periods and you have reservations about sex during menstruation, these are very useful. Let her please you in every way possible and for the sex- she can use the pussy torch on you.

Butt plug

Just as the name suggests- it’s a small plug-like toy inserted up the butthole. Butt plugs usually have an egg-shape and comes in varied size and girth. They are sex toys couples can use that help to relax the anal muscles before trying anal sex. The butt plugs are made of steel or similar non-corrosive metal which feels cool and smooth to touch. Hence, they can be inserted painlessly up the butt. Once your partner gets used to the sensation and relaxed, anal sex becomes easier sans any traumatic experience.


This is a great sex toys for BDSM sex for couples who are into kinkier stuffs. The mouth gag is a belt with a ball in between which is inserted in the mouth and tied up. If you enjoy practicing domination and submission while having sex, this is the most basic toy you can use. Some gags are designed such that you can still give oral sex.

Sex toys are just additional elements that can kink up your sex life. They are fun to use but the key is being creative about the entire act. Only when you give effort and thought to it, the sex will get more pleasurable.