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The Ultimate Sex Bucket List: 10 Must-Try Intimate Experiences

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People usually keep a bucket list for all the places they want to travel to, so why not keep one for your sex life too? A lot of couples have faced the misadventure of going into a sex rut, and they can tell you how difficult it can be to come out of it. Familiar habits and patterns can make sex boring, so why not try out new things and keep it spicy in the bedroom?

We highly advise you to note down these absolute must-try experiences on your sex bucket list. Whether you want to experiment with a one-night stand or with your partner, these toe-curling experiences will get your mind and body reeling in no time.

1.   Film yourself having sex

We are starting with a bang! One of the most intense experiences you can have in the bedroom (or elsewhere..) is to film yourself while doing it. There is the added thrill that you are being watched, and if your partner is down for it, it could be a great time for both of you. People who have consented to get filmed while doing it have said how thrilling it can be to watch themselves get lost in the throes of pleasure and ecstasy.

2.   Have a threesome

This is a timeless classic for a reason. Enjoying the extra attention a third person brings into the dynamic is just something that has to be experienced at least once in life. Talk to your partner about how you would like for it to go, and get ready for one of the sexiest experiences of your life.

3.   Attend a sex party

This could be a bit intimidating for some, but you do not have to engage in anything unless you want to. Sex parties could be like orgies where everyone takes part, or it could just be a gathering where some people prefer to watch and observe others doing it. You could look into a gentlemen escorts service if you feel shy about attending such a party alone. Either way, it can certainly be an eye-opener and who knows, you might end up being a regular to these.

4.   Try out kinks

People usually hide their kinks out of fear of being judged. Whether you like being spanked choked or praised, playing out kinks can go a long way to stimulate a whole other feeling in you. Some of the less-spoken kinks (such as the breeding kink or the degradation kink) can also physically stimulate your partner into experiencing some of the best orgasms in their life. Sex is, after all, a sensual experience.

5.   Attend a sex workshop class

There are many sex therapists out there who hold sex workshop classes for couples. Attending one of these can help you get a kick out of your sex life, and get you out of a sex rut. This is also an excellent way to express your frustrations in the bedroom. Sex workshop classes can be attended either as a couple or even in groups.

6.   Try out a sex challenge

Something you can try from the comfort of your home if you want things to change up a bit is a sex challenge. This usually includes trying out a new position every day of the week or exploring different fantasies.

7.   Do it in the backseat of a car

Revisit your teenage years with this oldie but goldie. There is nothing quite like doing it in the backseat of a car. The possibility of getting caught can lead to one of the best highs you have ever experienced in your life. Have your real-life Titanic moment with fogged-up windows and the thrill of doing it in public.

8.   Go for a sensuous oil massage

Who doesn’t like a massage that ends with a happy ending? Make it even happier by indulging your partner with a sensuous oil massage, which can itself be the foreplay to some memorable R-rated moments.

9.   Act out your favorite sex scene

Whether you are a Sex And The City or a Bridgerton person, there must be certain movie sex scenes which have made you feel things. Why not act it out with your partner? Mix in some roleplay with it and you will be in for an absolute treat.

10.   Do it in the ocean

Doing it in any waterbody can be a real surprise, and the ocean, in particular, can be a very romantic place. Just imagine: it’s only the two of you under the milky moonlight, with the waves constantly adding to the sensations you are feeling.


While there’s plenty more you can do when it comes to intimate experiences, we believe these are the absolute musts which you can never go wrong with. Go ahead, give in to your desires!