I found solace in my best friend’s mother

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I am from a small suburb near Kentucky. My name is Kevin and I am twenty-five years old. Though I had been away for college for several years, I came back to my hometown recently. I missed Manhattan badly where I was going to college. Kentucky was boring compared to that city. Soon after I came back, I met my old friends, relatives and spend the first few days, catching up with old acquaintances. That is when I met Gabrielle. She is Sean’s mother. I had seen her couple of times when Sean and I were kindergarten kids. We have been best friends since then and it hadn’t changed even though we were barely in touch for many years. Though time has passed but I never thought I would fall for my best friend’s mother.

I went to Sean’s place to meet him. Gabrielle had opened the door and for a couple of minutes I was transfixed. She still looked exactly how she was when we were kids. Almost every guy in school had a crush on her and were glad she is not their mother. Gabrielle had the most angelic face but a devil’s body. She was curvy and yet very proportionate even today. I quickly composed myself, and enquired about Sean as I stepped in. She informed he was outdoors and was expected home anytime now. Till then she will give me company.

We talked about our school days, and my life in Manhattan. Her personality was infectious. I soon learned she had got divorced a couple of years back- something Sean did not tell me. As she spoke, it was evident she is still bitter about the incidence. After some time she went to make me a cup of coffee. I could not help but take a peek at her while she worked in the kitchen. I sensed a couple of time she is realizing I am checking her out. But she merely smiled.

That day, I went home after chatting with Sean. When she walked me to the front door, she gave me a hug. I was elated but realized soon, she was tucking something into my pocket. As soon as I was home, I checked and found a paper. I unfolded it to find it had her phone number. I eagerly called her and she picked up after a couple of rings. She was inviting me over the next day evening, when Sean would not be home! I never thought I would end up charming a MILF and my best friend’s mother. Next day I went to their place once more and I was excited. She opened the door and I noticed how sexily she had dressed. Gabrielle was in a tight knitted black dress and looked ravishing.

As soon as I stepped in and she had closed the door, I pulled her in an embrace and kissed her. I felt a little guilty because she was as old as my mother. Also, Sean would go berserk if he ever found out. Gabrielle seemed to sense my hesitation. She told me to ignore all that and kissed me passionately. Soon, all my worries were slipping and started pulling off her dress. Underneath she wore a buff colored bra and panty set. It was almost shade as her skin colour. I pulled off the bra and started sucking and squeezing her boobs. They were slightly saggy with stretch marks but so soft and juicy. I could not hold any longer and hoisted her on the kitchen counter and pulled down her panty. I fumbled with my jeans but she quickly unzipped it in a few seconds. My boner sprang out and strained painfully. I pulled her closer and thrusted in.

She moaned out loud and dug her nails into my back. I kept thrusting hard and could feel her slippery pussy grabbing my dick. I caressed her neck and bit lightly on her collarbone. She playfully bit my earlobe. We both had forgotten our basis on relationship. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist. My dick was still inside her. I held her up against a wall and started fucking her as hard as I could. I could feel her love juices dripping down. Soon she was moaning loudly and grabbed me tight. It was obvious she was climaxing hard. I could feel her pussy grabbing my dick and pulling it inside her.

Soon I felt a rush of hot and sticky liquid running down my thighs. She was squirting while my dick was still inside her. I never had the experience before and it felt so good that I could not hold back my longer either. I pulled out and put her down and made her kneel before me. She understood my intension instantly and grabbed my wet dick and put it in her mouth.

She was sucking hard and bobbed her head up and down the dick. I was on the verge of climaxing and my muscles tensed up. She realized it and stopped immediately. I looked down and she smiled naughtily. She was teasing. Once more she started sucking slowly and then increased the speed. She was really enjoying it and kept teasing every time I was about to orgasm. I started begging her to let me cum. This time, she started sucking and deep-throated my dick.

I was gasping and moaning slightly as she went on and on sucking on my dick and the balls. In a few more minutes, I orgasmed hard and filled her mouth with my cum. She finally stopped and looked up at me and swallowed my cum. Then she kissed the tip on my dick and stood up. I was standing there stunned. Till now, I only had few encounters with girls from my college, but Gabrielle was in a different league.

I could not believe I got so lucky with my best friend’s mother. She cleaned up and came back like nothing happened. Finally she kissed me goodbye and we made plans to catch up once again another day.