I fucked my boyfriend’s surgeon impulsively

Real Fling Experiences

Hi, my name is Viviane and this is a confession of an incident that happened a couple of months back. It was an impulsive fling where I fucked my boyfriend’s surgeon. Do I regret it? Honestly, I don’t- it was the best sex ever. But it changed my life for good and now I can’t settle for anything less.

It all started with my boyfriend Alex. We were going through a rough patch in our relationship and had decided to split. Soon after that, he went for a guy’s trip to Thailand. I was doing my best to move on and decided never to contact him again. Neither did he bother to stay in touch. But soon after he returned, he gave me a call and told me how he had an accident there but he was fine.

I was a little worried and asked him to get a check up for the bruises he had. Turned out, I was right and he had a severe internal bleeding causing a major clot in his stomach that had to be operated. With no one else here, he asked if I could substitute for his family. I agreed and things rekindled between us.

I went to the hospital to handle all formalities and met his surgeon there. He was a guy in mid forties but looked younger and had an awesome body. He seemed taken by me as he learned my relationship with the patient. My boyfriend was to stay under observation after the surgery. I would visit often and caught the surgeon checking me out. It was nothing new for me. I had a curvy body and particularly took pride in my voluptuous breasts. I knew it caught the attention of men. But I felt intrigued by this surgeon’s attention particularly.

That day, I had gone to his office to enquire about Alex’s health in detail. As we discussed, I occasionally caught him checking out my breasts. Soon the discussion took a turn towards my relationship. Before long, I was unconsciously talking a lot about the problems we had and explaining myself regarding why I bothered to take care of him despite the problems. The surgeon seemed to understand and he consoled me. He suddenly held my hand and it sent a jolt through my body. I could not understand what happened but I was feeling really horny.

The surgeon walked round the table and towards me. He handed me a tissue as I had started sobbing. Then he hugged. As we embraced and was so close, I could almost count his eyelashes. Slowly but deliberately he got closer and kissed me. I did not try to stop him or protest anyhow. He continued kissing me tenderly and soon I was kissing him back.

It got even more passionate and I felt his hands on my breasts. He was squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. Soon, he had took my t-shirt. I was a little embarrassed and worried someone might walk in. He quickly went to the door and bolted it. Then he came back and kissed me once more. I started undoing his pants and pulled off his surgeon’s coat.

He had already taken off my bra and my boobs spilled out. He cleared the table and made me lie down. Then he climbed on top of me and started kissing and sucking my breasts. Soon he took off my skirt and buried his face between my thighs. He was licking my clitoris from over the panty and it was sending jolts through my body. Once I was wet enough, he took the panty off and started sucking and licking my vagina hard. I tried my best not to moan but felt my juices flowing down to my butt.

After a few minutes, he stood up and took off his pants. His boner sprang out and it was thick and huge. I was a little terrified by the size. I was not expecting that but I was too tempted to protest. He was not gentle either. He quickly thrust the dick in and I felt a stabbing sensation. I moaned loudly but he put his hand on my mouth. Then he started thrusting as hard as possible. He was going really fast and hard. My boobs were jiggling and pressed against his chest. I could feel with each thrust, he touched my g-spot every time.

Soon, I was ready to orgasm and I grabbed him hard. I stifled the moans by burying my face on his shoulder. In another ten minutes, I was orgasming profusely on his dick. But he did not slow down. Instead, he went harder still and I was totally at his mercy. For another half an hour he went on and on. I was going limp. He suddenly withdrew and flipped me over on the table. I was bent over with my butt sticking up in the air. He put his dick inside once more and started thrusting as hard as possible. In another few minutes, I felt him orgasm inside me. I could feel the juices running down my thighs and it was so warm. He was not at all gentle. Once he was done, he withdrew and asked me to clean up and get dressed.

I was disheveled with the thought that I fucked my boyfriend’s surgeon but was satisfied. I never enjoyed such passion with my boyfriend. But I was sure I would not do this again with the surgeon. He was getting dressed too. Once we both were prim and proper, he kissed me gently and asked if we could do it again someday. I clarified I do not repeat my flings and I prefer it this way. He seemed to understand for he did not ask again.

We were happy and I walked out of his office after that. The visitor’s hour was still active and I decided to check up on my boyfriend before I left. As I walked down the corridor though, all I could think was of the moment in that closed office.