My pretty cousin May taught me the art of making love

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The occasional family gatherings were the only time all the cousins got together. We all looked forward to these meetings for the sheer fun. But my reason was a little different. Cousin May would be there and I would get to see her again. She is my second cousin and we would only see each other during such occasions and gatherings. She is also the first women I have ever been with. I could never reveal the secret to anyone till date. She taught me the art of making love to a woman. Today, I am quite popular among girls but I have to give May the credit for that. It has been a couple of years since I met her but I clearly remember the day.

It was a wedding in the family when I met May for the first time. I was barely eighteen back then. May was probably twenty-five. She was considered one of the most beautiful among our cousins. She had a petite body and a beautiful face. Her fiery red hair went down to her hips and her green eyes had specks of gold that made her look like they are twinkling.

All the cousins were catching up and I was getting introduced to her. I was a shy guy for my age and always had difficulty talking to women. May noticed my shyness and ensured I was at ease. Soon, we were vibing really well and talked for hours about many things. I wanted to show her my collection of classic movies so I took her back home while others were busy partying at the wedding venue. We decided to watch a movie together while we were there.

She sat beside me on the bed and we were quite cozy. I was a little uncomfortable as her arms occasionally brushed at my side. I could feel my boner growing every time our body touched each other. I had to take a pillow and hide it. I was really worried. But soon I realized, she was deliberately leaning in so that her body would brush up against mine. That was scary too. I had a hard time understanding her intentions.

After some time, she asked me to turn off the movie so we can chat. She asked me about girlfriends and more intimate questions. As she realized, I was getting even more shy from her queries, she teased me. I could not look into her eyes. But suddenly she laughed and moved forward to kiss my cheek. When she was so close, I had a hard time keeping my thoughts straight. I do not know what got into me but I kissed her on the lips. She looked at me sternly and I was really scared of what might happen next. But then she held my face in her palms and slowly kissed me back. It was a tender but passionate kiss and I was feeling so excited with the art of making love.

She slowly took off her top and her breasts were white as milk and firm. Her nipples were peach-ish and big. She asked me to suck on them. I was transfixed by the sight but did as I was told. She instructed me clearly how she wants things done. I was softly biting the nipples while I sucked. Then she took off my shirt and the pants. My boner sprang out and she started sucking on it.

I never felt this before. I had a girlfriend but she hated blowjob. It was so good; I was feeling like I would orgasm in her mouth. She probably realized that too the moment she tasted my pre-cum. She made me lie down on the bed and started stroking my dick. Occasionally she would pinch my nipples or kiss the inside of my thighs. She was really savoring every moment of it.

My dick was getting harder than ever and stretched painfully. I begged her to fuck me. She gave a wicked smile and asked me to be patient. Then she went on top of me and slowly lowered her vagina on the dick. But she did not go all the way through. She kept teasing and rubbing the vagina on the tip of the dick. When I was really begging her, she suddenly took it all in. The anticipation I went through made it feel even better. Then she started gyrating her hips and kept bouncing on my dick.

I could feel the wetness and splashing as she kept going up and down. In about fifteen minutes, I was almost going to cum when she slowed down. Once I gained back my control, she sped up once more. She did this a few times and after sometime, I could not take it anymore and asked her to let me cum. She leaned down, kissed my neck and whispered in my ears that I may orgasm now. There was something very sensuous about her approach and I could not hold back anymore. I orgasmed hard and filled her pussy with my cum. The art of making love is different for everyone but the way she did, I felt like I was in heaven.

Once I was done, she asked me to lick her pussy and make her climax. I did as she directed me and I never had so much fun eating a girl’s pussy. Soon, she climaxed and drenched me with her juices. Once we both were done, she asked me to clean up and get dressed. I was worried that I had ended up climaxing inside her. She asked me not to worry and that she was on birth control. We went back to the wedding venue like nothing happened. Since that day, it has been two years. I am going to meet her again this coming week and I cannot hold back my enthusiasm. I am sure something would happen again and even though she is a cousin, I really do not care if we can enjoy another such beautiful moment together. I would love to learn more from her about the art of making love 🙂