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7 types of Kisses to Spice up Your Intimate Moments

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A kiss is one of the most intimate forms of expressing your love to your partner. You can feel and remember a kiss for all eternity. The moment, the touch of your partner, and the lips, they send waves of love in you. A kiss never requires words to speak about your feelings. It takes a moment to understand how passionate your partner is about you. Kissing is such an action where you can go creative. Whether it is a butterfly kiss or a French kiss, mastering the art of kissing takes effort. Know about the types of kisses that can take your relationship to a different level and your partner will keep lingering for more.

Aside from the genres like Romantic kiss, Sweet kiss, steamy kiss, unexpected kiss and more, we have listed seven innovative types you would love to try. Not only the types but we have stated the meanings too. So let’s take a look.

Lean-in Kiss

A kiss can also be romantic when you lean in but do not complete the kiss. All you will do is feel your partner’s lips with your tongue. Such kisses help build anticipation between the two.

Single-lip Kiss

If you are a beginner and have yet to experience your first kiss, take it slow with soft kisses type. Touching the opposite lip of your partner is a part of a playful tease too. This particular kiss belongs to the soft kisses type and your partner may go ecstatic.

French Kiss

When you are thinking of passionate kissing, French kissing is the one to go for. This steamy kissing can take your relationship to a different level. It will take some time to have expertise in French kissing, as it deserves to be a perfect combination of saliva, mouth, tongue, lots of emotions and movement of your tongue. Get the kiss steamier; you will burn more calories in the makeout session.

Eskimo Kiss

Among all other kissing options, the Eskimo kiss is the cutest one. Rub your nose against your partner’s playfully while you two are engaged in kissing. Such an innocent bond you two share!


Love is passion, and a love bite shows you are passionate about your partner. Hickey is something that your partner can leave on your neck. It’s more like sucking than simple kissing.

Breath Kiss

The list of kissing types you can try with your partner include Breath kiss. Keep breathing in the same rhythm as your partner as you kiss. Breath kiss can ignite your makeout sessions further and improve your relationship.

Earlobe Kiss

Now this is one of the steamy kisses. Earlobe kiss is so sensual that you cannot miss it. Earlobes have numerous sensory receptors and kissing there while lovemaking can make it more intense.

Try breathing in the same rhythm as your partner as you kiss. Breath kiss can ignite your makeout sessions further and improve your relationship.


So now you have ideas about the types of kisses you can try with your partner. Here’s a few add-on tips for you. Here is possibility that even after making out for years, two partners may not enjoy their kiss. Your dreamy perfect kiss can be clingy for another one, you never know! So before you are going for your first or the special kiss, ensure that your partner is longing for it too. Throwing yourself upon someone’s lips is never a good idea.

Start from the gentle touching on the lips and take time before you can feel each other’s tongue. Ask for consent. It shows that you respect the relationship and yes, consent is sexier than anything else.  And last but not the least, never forget other body parts while you are kissing. There are plenty of areas on your body calling out for caressing when you are into a kiss and knowing about the types of kisses is important. Watch out!