tricks to make her orgasm faster

5 Tricks to make her orgasm faster

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These days, we have become more aware of the mysteries of the female body. One such common buzzword is the female orgasm. Though almost everyone has heard of it, it is rare even for a woman to know what it feels like. But for women who do understand what a real orgasm is, the frustration adds up when their partner cannot fathom the phenomena. It is a rather obscure territory for many men. Most common complaint of men is women take a very long time to orgasm and they eventually lose patience. If you are looking forward to experiencing the magical moment of orgasming together, here are five tricks to make her orgasm faster to pace up the climax for her.

Pay attention to her instructions

Woman these days know exactly what they want are quite vocal about it. It is likely they understand already what makes them climax best. So, when you are in bed with her, pay attention to her instructions. Let your woman led the way to help her achieve the best orgasm quickly. Nothing works better than having a healthy discussion about the sex life with your partner once in a while to know what she expects from you.

Do not keep seeking approval

Often men tend to stop in the middle of sex or cunnilingus to simply ask if they are doing it fine. Trust us, this is the most unattractive thing men can do. For women, the window of climax is a few mere seconds and if you are stopping at the peak to ask a question you simply miss that chance. It can get very frustrating. So, try and learn to decipher her expressions and body language or simply ask her before or after the sex what she felt or wants in bed. Communication is the best tricks to make her orgasm faster.

Fingering helps- but not always

Many men straightaway start pounding and poking the vagina with the fingers. While it helps to stimulate the g-spot faster and make a woman orgasm quickly, it is just and accompanying action. The key is clitoral stimulation. Fingering will only work when the clitoris is stimulated well. Moreover, fingering does not work for every woman. For each woman, the experience of orgasm is unique and require different time frames. They get stimulated by different actions too. Hence, you must first figure out what turns on your partner the most and accordingly stimulate her.

Using vibrators and sex toys

This is the easiest and also the most effective way to make any woman orgasm faster. So, you can always take help of a vibrator to stimulate her vagina and help her achieve orgasm. These are the shortcut tools always recommended in orgasm tips for women but do note that in the long run they are not the best. Over the time, your partner will be desensitized to the vibration and as a result cannot orgasm quickly anymore. Moreover, her ability to orgasm naturally also get hampered when such toys are overused.

Calm her and make sure she is in a happy zone

Women’s orgasm is intertwined with her mental state. She cannot orgasm at all if she is not turned on enough and enjoying the sex or completely into the act. Hence, built an ambience and give her a lot of foreplay that will make her crave more. Tease her now and then so that she is already very turned on before you try to make her orgasm. This way, you can quickly make her climax.

Watching your woman attain the ultimate climax, courtesy to you can be the most erotic thing you witness. Hence so a little patience and put more effort in the act and it will prove mutually beneficial.