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10 Interesting questions on sex to ask your date

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Dating for sometime but yet to take things to the next level? Sex is a moment of ultimate pleasure. But it can go very wrong if you are not on the same page with your partner. The best way to initiate the more physically intimate parts of the relationship is to understand each other enough to want the same things. This is why it is always healthy to have chat about sex before you actually do it. The key is to be discreetly make it a part of a spontaneous conversation. Here are some interesting questions on sex that you can easily ask your partner to ease them up for the sex.

Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

This is a safe, romantic yet interesting questions on sex to ask your partner. The question lets them know you are interested enough about them and even attracted to them. Often the question can even become an initiator for your first kiss if the situation permits it.

What is your sexual fantasy?

It may be a cliché question asked in every relationship but it never gets old. The question can easily help both of you open up to each other. It is a great way to lower the inhibitions as well.

What is the best sex position for you?

This is the perfect question to ask when things get bolder. It is a question to ask when you already initiated the sex-talk through less-obvious queries.

If you had the chance to sleep with a celebrity, who would it be?

It is an intimate questions to ask on a date to probe into each other’s fantasy. The question is rather silly but it can be a great conversation-starter if both of you are too shy to take up real-life references.

What turns you on the most?

The conversation about what is a turn on for each other can even work as an inducer. Often talking about sex and discussing the fantasies both of you have can make you very much heated up to take things to the next level.

What is your idea of a role play scenario?

This is a question to ask once you have initiated the conversation about sex already for a few times with your partner. Once they are already familiar with your ideas, fantasies and likes-dislikes, it is the perfect time to discuss your kinks as well. It even gives your partner a peak into your wilder side.

How do you feel about sex toys in the bedroom?

Again, a very intimate question, discussing sex toys can be a taboo for many people. Hence, it is important that you tread these territories carefully. At the same time, it is wise to know about each other’s preferences so there is no awkward situation. Sex toys are rather uncharted and unfamiliar territories for many so it is best to respect each other’s inhibitions.

Did you ever dream of me erotically?

Asking about each other’s erotic dreams can be a great turn on too, especially as you hear the other person talk about the erotic visions it will turn you on. It works both ways. Both of you will also learn a lot about how each other think of sex too.

Did you ever flaunt our relationship to your friends?

This is an indirect sex topics on a date but perfect to initiate flirting with your partner. Asking them about their discussion with friends about you can make them vulnerable.

Do you mind hickies?

This is more of a safety question. A lot of people have trouble about getting hickies. If you tend to give one, then it is always good to find out whether the other person would be comfortable about it.