know if a woman is faking her orgasm

How to know if a woman is faking her orgasm?

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The climax point of a sexual encounter characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings is what science defines as orgasm. The muscles in the genitals undergo contraction in a female for a few minutes during orgasm. This is the phase when the pulse rate and heart rate are elevated, and breathing may become heavy. One of the most challenging spots during sex for a male is to get an orgasm for his partner at the same time. Usually, it is seen that females get orgasms a little late than men. But, as a man how would you know if a woman if faking her orgasm?

Unfortunately, most of the time, a woman moans to an ecstatic ending turns out to be that she is faking it. A man may think he is the King of Sheets, but in reality, a woman might have faked an orgasm. However, there are visible signs to understand if a woman is faking her orgasm or if she has attained the peak of pleasure. Below are a few signs of a fake orgasm that every man should know to assess his performance in bed.

Read on to know if a woman is faking her orgasm every time.

Check for Pulsations

During an orgasm, the walls of the vagina contract and the walls pulse eight to ten times every second. A man can feel this change, and these contractions cannot be faked. However, the strength of contractions may vary from human to human; still, there is a scope to identify fake orgasm signs if you are attentive.

Physical Signs one cannot ignore

When a female attains orgasm, the blood rushes to the chest and genitals. This gives the chest a splotchy and red appearance, and the process is called vaso-congestion. If this is not visible when your girl is moaning, she is mostly faking it. It is also observed that the pupils dilate and become bigger than usual during orgasm.

A harmonized moan

Orgasm is pleasurable, and it is natural for women to give weird expressions and moan loudly. However, if the expressions are harmonized and measured instead of random, then she might be faking it. The biggest red flag is once a man finishes the job, the woman lies there silent; then, she might not have attained the pleasure she was looking for in you.

She is not relaxed as you

The post-sex effect is a relaxed and drowsy state. After sex, the muscle in the women’s body will be in a relaxed state. If your lady is flopped out in bed after sex, she has reached orgasm. On the contrary, if she is uptight and stiff, it is the tell-tale sign to know if a woman is faking her orgasm.

Orgasm at the same time and every time

It is scientifically proven that a man’s and woman’s bodies work differently. Studies quote that during sex, males attain orgasm first, and females take another few minutes to reach the same pillow-biting point. So if your lady acts as if she came at the same time as yours, then probably she is faking it. No matter how good you are at the bed, it is tough to satisfy your woman. Stress and emotional issues can hinder the whole activity in females. Hence if your woman comes every time, there are chances that she is faking it.

A woman fakes the orgasm for multiple reasons, possibly due to insecurity or self-consciousness. She might be faking it to make the partner feel good or wants the whole process to end. But you can recognize the signs to make sure the sex is all about mutual pleasure and both have a fulfilling experience.