men must know about giving orals

Things men must know about giving orals


Imagine having sex, giving orals to each other but still something seems to lack. A relatable scenario, is it not? This is because often men are unable to fathom female orgasm or not very sure of their move. Even if they all try their best, only some men are able to do the deed. There are certain things that men must know about giving orals. Here we have all the secrets (that women definitely want you to know) revealed! So, men, pay attention while we list the tips for oral sex to help you hit the zone.

Don’t Dive Right Into It

Women take time in getting aroused and diving right into action often has the opposite of the desired effect. Take your time while working the way down, warm up with kissing, stroking, nibbing, and licking. Pay attention to different spots before crossing the border and go slow.

Playing Adds to the Charm

Instead of making it hard and fast, give some time for a little buildup. Assess and play with the whole V-zone down there. Licking, kissing and massaging the surroundings like thighs and pubic area adds to the tantalizing moment. Even hot breathes and sucking can have her gripping the sheets.

Be Attentive and Take Cues

Often the women crave softness in the beginning but require more pressure as they get more turned on. Listen to the sounds and look out for moans, there might be things that felt uncomfortable towards the beginning but work in the end. Pay attention to each movement and take cues from what seems to be working and what not. Try different spots and techniques. If the actions seems to be affirming, you have hit the spot.

Oral Includes Hands

Even though it is oral sex, a bit of finger action only makes the things better. Just remember to not take the missile approach. Be curious and slow in looking for the spot. Check for reactions or may be ask your woman to guide you to the spot. Every woman’s body is different and they would love to show you what works for them. Ask for guidance, it is not lame.

Spot the Clitoris

This is a very important thing that men must know about giving orals (and also remember while doing it). Finding that little nub can be the game changer. So, take a moment and let your finger run around the top of vagina. Look for the little bump or the button. Once you find it, use it in different ways and see what elicits the best reaction. However, don’t forget other zones while playing with it. Switch your fingers and tongue between different parts to keep the sensation at its peak.

Use Fantasies

Giving oral to a woman is not just about using your tongue for action. You can also use it to talk dirty in between. Take hints from her fantasies to say or do things that she would like you to do. Words and scenes often make her feel amazing. You can also take it up a notch and get naughty with toys. Whipping out a vibrator and using it in the vagina or stimulating the clitoris with it can take the game to another level.

Here are some of the best tips for oral sex that men must know. These are sure to give both of you some moments to remember. The most important thing to remember is that both you and your woman being comfortable and enjoying it. Once you are into oral sex, you can also try different positions for new and exciting experiences like 69, lying on the side, straddling the face, etc.