Cheryl got naughty with her father’s friend

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It was just another regular weekend for Cheryl. She was back from college and was utterly bored at home. Her father’s friends were coming over and she did not have much to do when they are around. Her mother had died long back. Every weekend it was a routine for her dad to host a party with his friends. She did not like that though. Hence, she used to stay confined to her room most of these weeks. A couple of the friends like Uncle George and Uncle Ryan were nice to her. They would occasionally check on her and bring her gifts which is why Cheryl got naughty too.

Cheryl was about nineteen and looked matured for her age. Till date, she never had a steady relationship though she lost her virginity long back. She found guys her age rather naïve. Older men attracted her the most. Cheryl secretly crushed on Uncle Roger. He looked younger and robust than his age. A lot of women fawned on him. But she was sure they did not have his eyes for her. After all, she was his little cherry- a name he gave affectionately to her.  She did feel a little disappointed because she could not help but feel attracted every time he came over. Little did she know, how the wheel of time is going to turn.

That Sunday, even though everyone else left, Uncle Roger stayed back. They all had dinner together and it was a lovely evening. Turned out, he would be staying a couple of days because her dad had to go away for some urgent business. Cheryl felt butterflies in her stomach at the thought of being alone in the house with him. Uncle Roger assured her dad that he would be taking good care of her while he is away. That night, they all went to their rooms to sleep. Cheryl felt restless and decided to take a peek at Uncle Roger in his room. She tiptoed to his room and discreetly opened the door. Roger was sleeping naked with the sheets barely covering his private parts. Cheryl slowly walked into the room and admired the sight. His dick looked impressive even when it is limp.

Cheryl checked whether he is deeply asleep. Once she was assured about that, she took his dick in her hand and sucked on it a bit. Uncle Roger moaned in his sleep. She could not hold back and started sucking hard while he slept. The boner grew in his sleep and she was awed and impressed by the size. The entire time he went on sleeping. Cheryl took off her night dress and stood stark naked before him. She was a little frustrated that he is such a sound sleeper. But at the same time, she was relieved that he did not wake up. She sat on his dick lightly and started putting it in her vagina. She was light and willowy. She managed to support her body on her own and started rolling her waist, fucking the dick slowly. She enjoyed the entire length and masturbated as she rode on him.

After about 10 minutes she got off and looked at Uncle Roger. It was a little suspicious that the guy slept through sex. She sat by the bed and looked at him keenly. Suddenly she noticed, he was opening one eye and looking around, pretending to move his head in sleep. He knew all along! She jumped up and he got startled too. It was awkward for some time. She was about to run out of the room but as she turned, he got of the bed and caught her around the waist. He picked her up in one arm and threw her down the bed. Then he got on top of her and kissed her full on the lips. He was caressing her and whispering in her ears how much he wanted this moment for a long time. That he knew she had a crush on him and that is why he suggested to stay here when her father needed the help.

Cheryl was shocked and was realizing she got manipulated but at the same time, she just could not ignore his body. Uncle Roger seemed to realize her cravings too and he pushed his dick deep inside her. Then he started fucking her as hard as possible. She was starting to moan but he stifled it with his hand. He fucked her like there was no tomorrow. In half an hour, she felt a tension in her stomach and before long, she climaxed. Her juices burst out and flowed all around his dick and she collapsed with exhaustion.

But Uncle Roger was not yet done. He flipped her over. She could barely support her body on all fours so she lied face-down on the bed. He started nudging and poking around her asshole with his dick. She panicked as she realized his intension. She tried to stop him but before she could do anything, he had already forced his way into her ass. There was a sharp and stabbing pain initially but soon it eased out. She had never experienced anal sex before. But she realized, this is something she would definitely enjoy the rest of her life. Roger was pounding her ass hard and her boobs jiggled painfully from the thrusts. After almost fifteen minutes, he climaxed deep inside her ass and she felt the hot gushing liquid spread all the way up into the asshole.

Once they both were done, they laid cuddling and kissing each other. She decided to dress and get back to her room for the day. Cheryl was really happy about how things happened. She knew deep inside the next few days would be really great and she would finally get to have Uncle Roger all to herself. Once she was back in her room, she masturbated with her vibrator once more, imagining the night how she got naughty as it had unfolded.