Caroline met the kinkiest old man

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Mr. Henry Heckles was on a business trip to London. Owning three companies all over the world and managing them at his age was a huge task. But surprisingly, Mr. Heckles never found this to be a problem. You can say he is the ultimate successful man. Owner of several million-dollars business, father to two sturdy and intelligent men, and married happily for almost thirty years now- he has achieved everything. Some girls often call him as the kinkiest old man in the bed.

But there was still an emptiness in his life. Mr. Heckles used to be the local heartthrob in his golden days. Even after marriage, he had occasionally strayed. It often led to problems in his marriage too but his wife had forgiven him every time. You see, Henry is one of those men who just could not resist true beauty. He would occasionally get attracted to girls in their twenties now.

Bringing them to bed was not very difficult either if he promised to be their sugar daddy. But the last girl he was with almost led to a major scandal back home. So he has to be more careful now. The London trip was the perfect excuse for some wildness.

Caroline is a college sophomore girl studying in one of the top colleges in London. Not only is she intelligent and brilliant but also pretty. The only lacking is the financial state of her family. Caroline got into the college solely depending on scholarship. But now to survive in the city of London, she would occasionally pick up odd jobs, including being an escort. Her hourglass figure along with her angelic beauty quickly brought her success as an escort. Now she was among Elite London Escorts whose services were affordable only to the crème of the society.

That evening, Caroline was thinking about how it would be nice to have a client for the day. It was the end of the month and she really needed some money to send home. That’s when she got a call from her agent that there is an assignment for her. The only conditions where she can never disclose to anyone her client’s name and it was going to be an all-night appointment.

She needs to dressed the sluttiest way possible and must always be warm to the client. Caroline found the instructions rather funny because they were staple protocols of the profession anyway. Why repeat them so earnestly then? However, she didn’t know she was going to meet the kinkiest old client ever.

Around seven in the evening, Caroline wore a sequined halter dress which end just beneath her hips. She decided to glam up her makeup in the car. She still had trouble walking down the street with heavy makeup and provocative dress. It made her feel everyone will know she is a hooker.

The client had sent a car for her. She got into it and started fixing her makeup, rather oblivious to the direction. She knew the address but did not care much about it. The money was all she wanted. If everything goes right, this is going to be the highest ever she earns for a night. She wondered a bit who was the guy.

Finally they reached the hotel and she went to knock the door. It was answered by a rather old man. He was sturdy for his age but there is no way to hide that he was old enough to be her grandfather. The man was watching her hungrily and had a dirty smile on his face. Caroline was disgusted and repulsed. She did not know how to be her usual charming self while getting fucked by such an old man. Now she understood why her agent said all that.

She tried to compose herself and stepped into the room with a mechanical smile. The man introduced himself as Mr. Henry Heckles. Without sparing anymore words, the old man lunged forward and kissed her. She was stiff from the sudden attack and disgust.

But her professionalism kicked in and Caroline wrapped her hand around his coarse and hairy back. The man was already going down from her collarbone to her breasts hungrily. She had not worn any underway and the man was shoving aside her dress like my rag to pull out her breasts. She could feel his teethless gums occasionally sucking and making a hollow sound against her breasts. For a guy this old he was surprisingly strong as he suddenly picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

He threw her down on the bed and made her turn around and get down on all fours. She did as tell. She could hear some shuffling behind her but did not want to look. Suddenly she felt a fleshy poking at her vagina. She finally looked and saw the old man had the largest boner she had ever witnessed and the kinkiest old man too. It was thick and long. She was a little worried. But before she could react or think, the man had rammed the dick inside her.

She felt a sharp and stabbing pain in her dry pussy. The old man did not care though. He had grabbed her waist and was banging really hard and fast now. He would occasionally bend down and kiss her back and bite there and rub his face on it. Soon, Caroline felt she was getting slopping wet despite being so repulsed by him. Mr. Heckles had the stamina of the young man though, even at this age. He continued to fuck her for about an hour till he finally climaxed. He filled up Caroline with his juices. She could feel it running down her thighs.

To her surprise it made her pussy tingle and soon she was climaxing as well. Once they were both done, Heckles roughly kissed her and ordered her to wash up. He was going to have her all night and wanted her fresh as a new leaf every time. Once she was back from the bathroom he showed her a jewellery box, stating it could be hers and more if she would be his dedicated partner every time he came to London. Needless to say, Caroline did not let the opportunity go and obliged. The money was necessary after all. At the same time, he was the kinkiest old man she ever met so it was good.