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7 Celebrities who got caught having sex on reality TV shows

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Televised sex is always shocking. But it has become difficult to count on famous names who have not done it in front of the camera. Among so many incidents like that taking place, here are 7 Celebrities who got caught having sex on reality TV shows.


Zara Holland and Alex Bowen


Whenever talking about celebrities having sex caught on live TV, Zara Holland is the very first name that will pop into your mind. It spread like fire in no time as soon as she was found sleeping with Alex Bowen. At that time, she had been Miss Great Britain and signed the project Love Island. But after finding out about her activities, she was stripped of the title. 


Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt


If there could have been a series named celebrity hidden sex, Camilla could be a perfect fit. When Camilla first appeared in the Love Island villa, she seemed very conservative as a reality star. She used to be so shy that she blushed anytime someone held her hand. Honestly, we never imagined her having sex in a reality show with a Calvin Klein model, Jamie. Later, she confessed that she never regretted her moments with Jamie. After a few months, when the series ended, these two announced themselves as an official couple. 


Vicky Pattison and Ricci Guarnaccio


From Geordie Shore, Vicky Pattison got a completely different image after he had sex with his ex-fiancé Ricci Guarnaccio. When this incident occurred, Ricci was humiliated, and her mother cut off all connections with her. Vicky played innocent in this incident as he blamed it upon alcohol and Ricci’s wild words.


 Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry


These names are quite familiar if you have heard about Geordie Shore. Chloe and Charlotte were not at all strangers. These two best friends left everyone in shock when they got into bed with each other. It was not completely them but the glasses of wine they had performed! The ladies caught the attention of other house members and shocked the strangers with their moaning. However, when they returned to their senses the next day, they promised not to do it again.


Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies


The list of Celebrities who got caught having sex includes this too. During the reality TV show Ex on the Beach, Megan had sex with Jordan Davies. It seemed that she had forgotten about the show, the fixed cameras. Jordan and Megan had been dating each other for a month. Even the two decided to get engaged too. Afterwards, Megan regretted her decision to have sex on TV.


 Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor


During Geordie Shore, Marnie had sex for so many times. Not just that, she managed to sleep with Lewis, allegedly her ex-boyfriend, in the house of Celebrity Big Brother, and that made headlines. As per her words, they were quiet and knew how to do it that way. But it was probably in the shower where they got away with each other.


Emma-Jane Woodhams and Terry Walsh


Emma and Terry still regret having sex on Love Island. Though they kept dating each other for months later, the news of their sleeping together made headlines. Since their co-stars had a full view of their sex in that villa, it was too embarrassing for the two. Both wished they had done this if time could be revisited.



A number of celebrities became popular through their live sex tapes from reality shows. Media had got coverage of the same and turned out to be a piece of news. We just covered the most-talked ones. Share with us if you have got something more exclusive!