how to spice up the foreplay

How to spice up the foreplay that your man will love

Love and Sex

Any physical activity requires a warm-up, and foreplay is the warm-up or the precursor to sex. The lovemaking process is beyond sex, and foreplay is crucial in attaining orgasm by both partners. Foreplay includes all sorts of emotional and physically intimate acts between the people who are going to engage in the process of sex to create a desire for sexual activity. It can be hugging, kissing, oral sex, removing clothes, sexual touch, sexual games, role plays etc. There are multiple ways one can indulge if you are wondering about how to spice up the foreplay, and these ways are found effective in reaching the ultimate pleasurable point.

Benefits of Foreplay

Women take time to get aroused, unlike men, who reach this state in a few minutes. Foreplay stimulates women, thus enhancing lubrication, which helps in a painless sex experience. It also helps the man to maintain erection, thus enhancing the duration and making the whole process long-lasting. Foreplay brings the couple closer and intimate, arouses both of them and thus keeps the excitement going. It is seen that with age, the process of getting aroused becomes tough, and in such scenarios, foreplay may lead to a better erection and lubrication in men and women, respectively. Foreplay can be continued as long as your partner wants; this process has no defined duration.

Ways to spice up the foreplay that your man will love

Many ways are being opted by a woman to spice up the foreplay; a few of them are listed below:

 Talk dirty in a seductive way

The dirty thoughts that a woman whispers to a man have incredible power. Talking dirty is one of the popular foreplay tips to make a man happy. The whispers of things like how you want your man to touch you or what you want him to do can make a man go crazy. An expression can also fuel up the whole process to another level. This method is an effective foreplay tip to make a man happy.

Get emotionally and physically close

One should explore different ways to touch and hold each other, as physical intimacy causes erection in men. Rubbing the body against each other, gentle tickles, sensible licks, running fingers through care while caressing the face etc., can be efficient foreplay for a man. Foreplay doesn’t come with a rule book; however, one must be aware of the likes and dislikes of the partner.

Enjoy the foreplay outside the bedroom

It is believed that new surroundings can bring out the new side of sexuality, and foreplay beyond a bedroom space is super sexy. Simple acts like engaging in a kiss on the couch or slipping your hand down his pants in the living room can arouse feelings in a man very quickly.

A sexy attire

A sexy attire like lingerie or anything that can expose the cleavage has the power to erect your man’s penis. The best way is to go lingerie shopping together as it helps you to understand what your man wants and which attire can arouse him. Apart from the apparel, one should also use flavored products and scented perfumes that attract the man to lick and kiss you.

Oral sex

This is a crucial tool to arouse the man of your life. It is a known fact that men love oral sex, and it has the potential to arouse them quickly. Indulge in this act if you feel that your man prefers it as part of the process. A full body massage with oil can also do the job in many instances.

Sex games

Sex games with rules and tips can be purchased to indulge in fancy foreplay. Many sex toys available in the market for men can be bought to make the foreplay more interesting. Watching porn with your partner can also arouse him.

There are many ideas when you look for how to spice up the foreplay. But what works is unique to each of us and you figure it out with time and love.