ways to make a one night stand memorable

5 ways to make a one night stand memorable

Love and Sex

These days, people are more aware and vocal of their sexual desires and hence not always ready to get entangled in a relationship. As a result, one-night stands seem like the best shot. But we all loved to create an impact and that is tricky to achieve in just one night. So, you are going to have that one shot at becoming a cherished memory in a stranger’s life- what would you do now? It is mostly about your personality, attitude and to some extent, sexual expertise. Here are some tried and tested ways to make a one night stand memorable which will help you have created moments that are mutually cherished with anyone you desire.

Prioritize the other person’s pleasure

Nothing works better than showing your interest, compassion and understanding of the other person’s pleasure. Make moves which are all about pleasuring your partner and making sure they feel comfortable.

For men, the key is a lot of foreplay and making her orgasm before you do. Women love foreplay and a man who is attentive to every erogenous point of her body is the sexiest. For a woman, do not shy away from being bold. Also, there is more to male body than just the penis. So, make sure you are exploring every bit of it as you practice.

Be confident

The main problem that happens during a one-night stand are awkward moments since you are sleeping with a practical stranger in most cases. Hence, you must be confident about what you are doing. This is equally applicable for men and women.

If you are too shy to make a move or respond to their touches, it can eventually turn the night too boring. Maintain eye contacts, smile, and if there are goof-ups, be sporting instead of getting too embarrassed.

Extra effort on hygiene

Hook up for ONS is with a person you barely know. Hence, first impression is the last impression and to make the night pleasant, you must put in extra effort. Hygiene should be your top priority when you are looking for ways to make a one night stand memorable. Even if it is an impromptu plan, do your best to clean up.

Keep spearmints at hand and condoms. Vaginal or genital wipes are also useful to quickly clean up. If you have the time, make sure to take a bath and thoroughly clean hard-to-reach parts of your body particularly.

Build an emotional connection

Many people shy away from one-night stand because it lacks emotional connection and can be a borderline cold experience. To be a memorable chapter in your partners life, you must know how to built emotional connection. Small talks are actually helpful in such situations. Moreover, as you make love have a spontaneous conversation or simply whisper sweet nothings to each other.

After you have sex do not move away from each other to the opposite edges of the bed. Instead cuddle the person and try to know him or her more. But make sure to draw the line between creating a memorable night and being too nosy.

Do something special or unique

Plain old vanilla sex is fine but what really makes you memorable are small quirks and nuances that are unique. Try out new positions, or spice up the sex with some special acts. It can be anything from creating a romantic ambience or trying new sex positions. You can also consider erotic massage, strip teasing or pole dancing- whatever that heats up the moment.

One night stand can be a rather tricky circumstances to turn into a memorable day. But when you have a great personality and a creative mind, nothing is impossible. The above mentioned safe one night stand tips will surely help you get better experiences.