signs a man might not be good in sex

5 Signs A Man Might Not Be Good in Sex

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Sex and sexuality are integral to one’s life; it is beyond the biological concept of mere reproduction. It assures intimacy and has a significant role in contributing to one’s health. An active sex life ensures a strong hormonal system and is considered a light exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, this topic is often treated as a private affair and not discussed in public because of various taboos and myths surrounding it. Early signs a man might not be good in sex should be identified and worked upon before it kills the relationship with the partner.

Sexual intercourse is one such activity that has psychological benefits by reducing stress and anxiety, thus enhancing happiness. However, sexual dysfunction may occur both in men and women, and if the problem lasts longer, it is advised to consult a doctor.

Prefers only one Position always

Everybody has a favorite position to do sex; however, partners may have different choices. If your partner refuses to adopt any other position apart from his favorite, he may not be a good choice in bed.

Rushes the sex and Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is a mutual intense hormone-driven activity that should be carried out at a mutually convenient pace. Both the partners should enjoy it, and in sexual activity, usually, females attain orgasm after a certain point. If your man rushes towards the climax and is less involved in sex, it is one of the signs a man might not be good in sex. A guy who reaches your panties a few seconds to your first kiss is not the right choice for sex.

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man can’t keep an erection enough for sexual intercourse, and such cases should be first evaluated for underlying conditions.

Also, never entertain a man who brags about all the women he has been associated with or claims to be great at bed.

Limited or no foreplay

During sex, it is not only the orgasm but the foreplay that has a critical role to play. The foreplay is very much necessary to trigger the hormones for pain-free and pleasurable sex. Both partners must embrace foreplay to a certain extent, and if your partner takes no effort to make the process enjoyable and merely runs to the main part, then there is something definitely wrong. It is a good sign to claim that he is not getting excited for sex.

Kissing is another prerequisite that has the power to induce intimacy and generate the feeling of making love. If your partner doesn’t know how to kiss, he will certainly not make you happy while making love. Keeping his mouth closed, smashing his teeth with your teeth, or gasping for breath are clear red signals.

Unhygienic ways

Cleanliness is an important factor as it involves an activity that has the potential to spread infections. If your man is not indulging in any effort to keep himself clean before intercourse, then it’s a bad sign. It may also lead to dissatisfied intercourse as the foul odour from the private part, or hairy balls can kill the whole mood.

A man whose nails are dirty or is dressed in a messy manner and is not bothered with basic hygiene is definitely a wrong choice before you pull down your clothes.

Orgasm should be a mutual feeling

During any intercourse, usually, the males reach the climax way earlier than females, and those men who don’t care about making their women reach orgasm are a terrible choice for sex. Even after attaining climax, they should ensure that their partner achieves that pleasurable feeling. If a guy is all about himself or talks only about himself or whose excitement for sex is low, then there are chances that he will not make any attempt you attain orgasm.

Sex requires stamina which a lazy man will not be able to generate, thus hampering the whole process. There are chances that he will fall asleep immediately after he attains orgasm and ruining your day.