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Different birth control Techniques

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Don’t let the thought of getting pregnant be a barrier between the love you and your partner share. Birth control is an integral part of every couple’s conjugal life. Being a responsible individual it is only natural that you will consider using the best birth control techniques to ensure safety for you and your partner. Birth control is a serious topic in sex education and it is important that every human being is aware of this technique. There are several ways of birth control and you might often get confused about which you will apply during sex. Here are lists of some of the best techniques of birth control. Choose the best alternative which is fitting for you and your partner.

Barrier Method

The most effective and easiest birth control is the barrier method. The most frequently used technique by the maximum couple this method is easy to apply. The barrier method includes wearing a diaphragm and condom. The diaphragm is used by women during sexual intercourse, it is a thin rubbery material pinched inside the vagina. It acts as a protective layer and makes sure no semen goes inside the ovum. Whereas for men the protective barrier is a condom that adorns the penis this is one of the effective birth control techniques.

Short-acting hormonal method

This method is effective for a shorter period and needs to be renewed on a weekly or monthly basis. Some examples of short-acting birth control are Birth control, vaginal rings, skin patches, and contraceptive injections.

The birth control pills are used every month and the effect of this medicine stays for a short span. Also if this pill needs to be taken daily it is best to consult a doctor who can prescribe you the right pills and method to take it depending on your body type.

The purpose of a vaginal ring is the same and it is also an effective birth control tool. It is a soft round ring worn inside the vagina for 21 days, this ring supply with estrogens and progestin in your bloodstream to avoid pregnancy during sex. Wear this ring for 21 days from menstruation and go ring free for the other seven days as it will be a safe period. The contraceptive pill and skin patch are also effective short-acting birth control.

Long-acting Hormonal Method

This method is effective for a longer period which can last up to ten years. The long-acting birth control method includes Copper IUD and the contraceptive implant. The copper IUD is a small device made of a plastic frame with copper latched placed inside your uterus and it can prevent pregnancy effectively. Whereas the contraceptive implant is a rod-like structure placed under your arm by a doctor. It releases progestin which thickens mucus making it impossible for the sperm to swim toward the uterus.

Vaginal gel and spermicidal

The vaginal gel regulates the PH balance of the vagina which immobilizes the sperm. This gel is most effective if used on your vagina just before you are having sex. In the case of spermicide, it is a contraception pill that kills the sperm and stops it from swimming toward the vagina. It is 99% effective way to have sex without getting pregnant.


Sterilization is the ultimate solution to controlling birth. This method permanently stops you from conceiving. This method of sterilization includes vasectomy and tubectomy. These methods apply only to those couples who do not have any plan of pregnancy. As sterilization is a permanent solution and this method is applied by older couples.

The best fit method of birth control depends on various aspects like age, sex, health, etc. So, it is best to consult a good Gynaecologist to see which method is the best fit for your body. Do not let the fear of pregnancy ruin your awesome sex life.