sex positions that hits g-spot every time

5 Sex positions that hits the g-spot every time

Making a woman orgasm is tricky, especially through sexual intercourse. The experience of orgasm and sex is unique to every woman and so is their triggering factors. But almost every woman agrees there is a certain spot internally which when stimulates help them achieve an orgasm every time. This is the g-spot and one of […]

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signs a man might not be good in sex

5 Signs A Man Might Not Be Good in Sex

Sex and sexuality are integral to one’s life; it is beyond the biological concept of mere reproduction. It assures intimacy and has a significant role in contributing to one’s health. An active sex life ensures a strong hormonal system and is considered a light exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, this topic is often […]

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exploring open relationships

Exploring open relationships: Tips you should follow wisely

Let’s talk about exploring open relationships today. Open relationships started gaining popularity around a decade ago when people openly began to acknowledge and accept that monogamy isn’t the only way to enjoy a relationship. So, what are open relationships? Essentially, open relationships mean having intimate as well as emotional connections with more than one partner […]

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