spice up sex for married couples

5 tips to spice up sex for married couples

However happy you are in your married life, naturally, your sex life takes a back seat after a few years of your marriage. The excitement is always higher when a new relationship starts, as two people get to know each other for the first time and they are exploring each other. But as a relationship […]

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signs a man might not be good in sex

5 Signs A Man Might Not Be Good in Sex

Sex and sexuality are integral to one’s life; it is beyond the biological concept of mere reproduction. It assures intimacy and has a significant role in contributing to one’s health. An active sex life ensures a strong hormonal system and is considered a light exercise to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, this topic is often […]

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exploring open relationships

Exploring open relationships: Tips you should follow wisely

Let’s talk about exploring open relationships today. Open relationships started gaining popularity around a decade ago when people openly began to acknowledge and accept that monogamy isn’t the only way to enjoy a relationship. So, what are open relationships? Essentially, open relationships mean having intimate as well as emotional connections with more than one partner […]

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